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The Beginning

The house where the museum is placed in Mexico City was inaugurated in August 27th of 1979 by the expresident José López Portillo. The house was constructed by Antonio Rivas Mercado a great architect. The house has a particular style that is called "Art Noveau".

A modern vision

Walking along the museum, means entering to a world with a modern vision of what a museum must be. In the "Museo de cera" you are allowed to touch and take a picture with your favourites characters made in wax.

How we can make a wax sculpture?

The first thing is to choose a character, then for the face, there are two ways to make it:
-directly on the person
-or by modeling the wax just like a scultpure
Then in a mold of gypsum we put melted wax, and then we start with the details, eyes and teeth of crystal. The beard and hair are so difficult to put because we have to put it one by one.

Different areas in the museum

The museum counts with many rooms where you can see different characters, this rooms are:
-TV and movies


Heroes who made history...

Benito Juarez

Miguel Hidalgo


Presidents and expresidents of Mexico are together for you.

Vicente Fox

Felipe Calderón


Here you can see some of the most famous paintors as they were.

Diego y Frida

Van Gogh


With an spectacular presentation here are some allstars.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco

Ana Guevara

TV and Movies

Here you can find your favourite actor or actress, just like real!

Adal Ramones



This area is for kids and you can find many charming characters from movies and cartoons.

Spiderman and Superman



Visit the "Sótano del terror" where you can find:

Freddy Kreuger


When you can visit the museum?

The museum is open all days from 11:00 to 19:00.


- Come to our souvenir store and get an irreplaceable souvenir!
-You can take a picture with one of your favourite character.
-Take the museum to your house with our guide.
-Enjoy our variety of food.
-Take your hand in wax to your home.

The Latest!

Come to the museum and visit the "laberinto de espejos" the new attraction of the "Museo de Cera".

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Phone: 55467670



The museum is located in:

Londres No. 6
Mexico City